What our customers say about us.

Steve Hanson, Aquatics Coordinator
City of Northglenn, CO


"I really love the streamline effect on the staff to management front. The big one is relaying schedule, vacation, coverage, and shift pick-ups. DigiQuatics SAVES SO much time. I can approve/denied or change the sub request in the palm of my hand. This means I am saving time and staff is happy that their requests are being fulfilled or answered extremely fast. Before DigiQuatics, we weren’t working with data, we were working with paper. The DigiQuatics dashboard is like my daily newspaper. I can quickly look at it and see exactly what tasks I need to take care of."

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Kyle Leroux, Manager of Aquatic Maintenance
YMCA of San Diego County
San Diego, CA

"Before DigiQuatics, we would manage our staff schedule by using Excel and we would do our checklists using paper. We noticed our paper checklists would only be checked off maybe once or twice a week, staff were not completing the checklists..."

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Corey Erwin, Aquatics Specialist
Foothills Parks and Recreation
Littleton, CO

"Before DigiQuatics we had a lot of databases, spreadsheets, paperwork... that often fell through the cracks, and beyond that it was truly not very efficient... DigiQuatics has the tool to get all the information into the app quickly and it's super intuitive and easy to use..."

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Roy Chaney, Director of Aquatics & Fitness
Manitou Pool & Fitness Center
Manitou Springs, CO

"DigiQuatics has really helped streamline our employee schedules, maintenance requests, private lessons and pool chemical reporting. We now have staff on top of their schedules, issues around the facility resolved in a timely manner, and chemicals can now be supervised easily with almost 100% compliance... We are really impressed with this company and their responsiveness to our needs. Thanks DigiQuatics for a great program and customer service!"

Kathy Lind, Aquatics Coordinator
Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District
Frederick, CO

"From our initial contact I have received constant information and prompt feedback on all aspects of the DigiQuatics. They have been diligent in making improvements and taking our suggestions to help make the program work for us. This program has helped make the department run more efficiently with less paper trail!"

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Kimberly Henderson - AFO
Recreation Supervisor/Aquatics
Foothills Park & Recreation District
Littleton, CO

"Thank you for all of your help with DigiQuatics. We are very pleased so far with the product and it is working out well for us. We are also very appreciative of your incredible response time to requested changes and additions. Due to your prompt assistance, we have been able to streamline many of our processes and move forward to become even more efficient."

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Shelli Scott, Operations
City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation Aquatics
Greensboro, NC

"I've already recommended DigiQuatics to several organizations because of the excellent customer service and response time to questions, comments, concerns, etc... I love that DigiQuatics is continuously innovating and making this the most useful and user friendly software available."

Judy Green
Aquatics Coordinator
Lake County Aquatic Center
Leadville, CO

"It’s obvious that the designers of DigiQuatics have a deep background working at pools and managing all the moving parts! We were so happy with how easy the program was to learn, and it's great to have everything in one place, like certification expiration dates and chemical logs. It has made everyone’s job easier."

Bryan Meyer, Recreation Supervisor
Town of Superior
Superior, CO

"With the assistance of just an iPad, ​DigiQuatics has enabled our on-site pool managers to effortlessly record and track chemical readings and also submit detailed maintenance requests at our two outdoor pools. The program platform is easy to use and understand. Reducing our use of paper has been an added benefit."

Andy Eaton, Aquatics Coordinator
Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito
Solana Beach, CA

"Easy to schedule staff and make new schedules. Summer schedules that used to take me almost TWO DAYS to complete were finished in a FEW HOURS with Digiquatics."

Desiree Vapenik, Manager
City of Cheyenne City
Cheyenne, WY

"DigiQuatics is an amazing product! The innovation is remarkable. They have taken managing aquatics to another level!"

Connor Thieman, Commercial Pool Manager
Alameda Pools
Virginia Beach, VA

"Great Software, Easy to use, keeps everything I need to manage my pools in one location allowing me more time to focus on other areas."

Sylvia Lam, Executive Director
Burlingame Aquatics
Burlingame, CA

"Faster way to schedule staff and keep track of items that typically get wet at the pool...DigiQuatics consolidates all records in one place."

Chas Sloan, Aquatics and Recreation Supervisor
Whitmore Lake Public Schools
Whitmore Lake, MI

"An all-in-one aquatic facility management system..."

Megan S. Coots, Aquatics Coordinator
Lamar University
Beaumont, TX

"Digi is a digital version for paperwork required for aquatic facilities... I was tired of having paper upon paper with everything the pool needed... Subbing, scheduling, chemicals in a way that I can look from anywhere instead of just when in my office."

Janelle DeSanti, Aquatics Director
YMCA of San Diego County
San Diego, CA

"Makes my life as an aquatic director easy - I know whats going on with my pool with staffing, chems, maintenance, staff comments, employee phone lists, certifications and the schedule! It's amazing!"

Chase Judd, Aquatic Supervisor
Pinedale Aquatic Center
Pinedale, WY

"I think DigiQuatics has a lot of solid options and they are continuously improving... I like that if you are a small organization it's easy to reach out to them... I don't feel like I'm just a customer, I feel like I have buy in and that my voice in DigiQuatics matters..."

Jill Moynihan, Aquatics Secretary
CFISD Natatorium - Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Cypress, TX

"This program has simplified our records and cut down on our paperwork! We love it!"

Amber Smith, Papio Bay Manager
City of Papillion
Papillion, NE

"DigiQuatics is a very smart software. It's easy to access and easy to update as a supervisor."

Lily A.Caudill, Director of Aquatics
Winchester-Clark County Parks & Recreation
Winchester, KY

"Digiquatics has eliminated paper from my pool!"

Gadriela Perez
Astoria Aquatic Center
Astoria, OR

"The quality of service and responsiveness to our organizations needs has been superior."

Rachel Forero, Aquatics Manager
Shasta Family YMCA
Redding, CA

"Great support from the company (DigiQuatics)!"

Jakob Woerner, Head Lifeguard
City of Elgin
Elgin, IL

"Honestly DigiQuatics has everything we need, it's easy to use and very intuitive. I always talk about how great it is, especially from an supervisor's position."

Robin Brown, Supervisor
Worland Aquatic Center
Worland, WY

"Keeping the paperwork to one location and not having papers fill up a drawer and never be used is a waste. If we are required to keep records, they might as well be in a way that useful information can be seen from them. We have a full drawer of paperwork from 4 years ago that no one has touched."

Margaret Donnelly, Aquatics & Wellness Coordinator
Town of Carbondale
Carbondale, CO

"The staff at DigiQuatics are amazing. They work hard to make sure the program fits your pools needs. They follow-up and make appropriate changes to the program when problems arise. They have made time to talk to me directly to answer questions that I have and go through the program to help me understand certain functions better. The customer service and programs have helped reduce the time it takes to schedule, decreased staff no shows, and increased the ability to communicate with all employees quickly and efficiently.."

Sylvia Lam, Executive Director
Burlingame Aquatics Club
Burlingame, CA

"Digiquatics has helped us manage our employees' schedules, certifications, work permits and contact information all in one database. We also have the ability to see the chemical checks, secondary duties and bather load all in once place!"

Ashley McLendon, Aquatics
California Baptist University
Riverside, CA

"DigiQuatics is a great program especially for aquatics working with the younger generation. Who is mostly online using websites to be able to communicate. Then also the online schedule is accessible at anytime. Therefore, lifeguards and aquatics staff can check the schedule immediately online. Very efficient and easy to use!"

Adrienne Leung, Head of Operations
Burlingame Aquatics Club
Burlingame, CA

"Before using Digiquatics, we had all of our risk management information in 3 different places at our facility and were written manually. With Digiquatics, we're now able to consolidate our chem readings, off-rotations checklists, and scheduling into 1 place. This has made us more efficient in finding out what is happening at the pool and how to handle problems and figuring out any troubleshooting with staff."

Joey Fenske, Owner
Spokane Fitness Center
Spokane, WY

"Just purchased DigiQuatics. We interested in a few features, but mainly the chemical records and dosing. DigiQuatics seems to moves fast with updates!"

Steve, Aquatics Supervisor

"Digiquatics is the best cloud base application to make your pools and your entire aquatics department run better, fast, and more efficient. I promise you will save hours in staff cost and paper!"

Cheryl, Supervisor

"I was very pleased with Digiquatics for our first season in use. I thought your customer service was the best I've experienced, including the day your programmer made a change at my request to the way we can alter wages for holiday pay. I am looking forward to expanding use in the 2019 summer season to include checklists and maintenance requests."

Supervisor at YMCA

"The DigiQuatics team are amazing and DigiQuatics is incredibly helpful!!"


"DigiQuatics makes working 10 times easier!"


"DigiQuatics is very efficient at managing schedules!"


"DigiQuatics is super easy to use. Also DigiQuatics has information for every shift there is, which is very useful!"

Margaret, Supervisor

"Our pool switched to DigiQuatics a few years ago. We are a small seasonal pool; 1 Manager, 1 Assistant and 14 guards. We are open for only 4 months out of the year, we have less than 25 people on staff, and we do all of our own maintenance. Based on DigiQuatics' pricing system we only have to pay for 4 months out of the year! This is my first season as the pool manager. The previous pool manager was the one who set up the system and he said it made his job a whole lot easier. So far DigiQuatics has made mine so as well. First, the set up and transfer from the old pool manager to myself took one 2 minute phone call. After turning on my manager settings they were proactive in asking me a lot of questions and helped run me through a quick tutorial. The customer service was great! Second, the use of the program is very intuitive. I have already been able to send out mass emails and texts, individual emails and texts. I can do chem records on my phone as you can log in from any device. Third, changes to staff, schedules and access are done quickly. All data is saved so that you can easily correct mistakes or go back and simply add an old employee with one click. Fourth, the staff love it and find it easy to use and stay on top of in requesting time off, schedule changes, and finding last minute shift coverage."