Time Clock

Time and attendance tracking built with aquatics in mind

Optimized for staff with multiple job titles

Do you have lifeguards, lesson instructors, managers on duty all with different job codes and pay rates? We’ve optimized Time Clock just for that. Easily add multiple positions to your employee profile with their job code and pay rate and the software takes care of the rest! No more tallying hours and calculating different pay rates.

"DigiQuatics makes time cards worlds easier. I shudder to think of my days before DigiQuatics! This not only works for Aquatics but for our entire Recreation Department. It's fantastic!"

Simple integration for multiple departments outside aquatics

Aquatic centers frequently have other staff that could use a simple time tracking tool as well. DigiQuatics works great for aquatics operations, front desk, instructors, and more. Simply create multiple “departments” to keep staff separate while centralizing all your time-keeping into one user-friendly platform.

Always make sure your facility is staffed

Get notified instantly when someone doesn’t show

Having an un-staffed facility is the last thing you want to get a phone call about, especially early in the morning. Get a notification sent instantly to your phone when a staff member doesn’t clock in for their shift, so you can follow up and make sure staff are there when they’re supposed to be. If they forget to clock in, DigiQuatics automatically reminds them to clock in if they haven’t to make sure your time clock records are as accurate as possible!

Check clock-ins across multiple facilities from one place

Making sure your staff have shown up when managing multiple facilities isn’t easy. You can check your Time Clock dashboard and verify everyone has shown up and clocked in on-site from one screen, giving you peace of mind that all your pools are starting the day off right.

Ensure staff are actually on-site when they clock in

With GPS timekeeping, you can see exactly where your staff are when they clock in and out from their mobile device. No more guessing games and staff saying they were at the pool when they weren’t. DigiQuatics Time Clock Portal allows your staff to quickly clock in on a desktop workstation or on-site tablet. You can even require a scheduled shift on the employee’s schedule in order for them to clock in so you can keep time keeping on lock-down!

"It’s super easy, and you can do it all on your phone, which any normal person has on them all the time."

Integrates with your payroll process

Easily track staff hours and labor expenses

How much does it cost to staff your swimming pool? Or run a lesson program? Two clicks and you’ve got those numbers. Simply enter your employee’s pay rates for their various positions and reports are one click away. You can get a quick look at over time expenses to help reduce your labor spend and keep real-time tabs on your pool’s financials.

Export for quick & simple payroll

Simply query your pay period date range and export to multiple file formats for greater ease of use entering to payroll. You can easily create employee timesheets, gather signatures, and enter accurate time and wage data to your existing payroll provider. Flexible settings allow you to track time to the minute, or choose rounding options to comply with your HR requirements.

1,865,282 clock-ins and counting.

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"DigiQuatics really helps us keep track of things in our organization and streamline scheduling and time records."