Patron Counts

Patron usage tracking done right

Simple patron count submission from anywhere

Easy multi-zone tracking for patron counts has never been easier with DigiQuatics! Staff can easily enter patron counts for multiple zones such as lap swimming, driving well, shallow-end, etc. from one simple form in DigiQuatics. The days of using paper tally sheets and clipboards are over!.

"Not only does DigiQuatics save time out of my busy day, but it also streamlines everything I need to do at my facility!"

Identify peak usage and low points with ease

Easily identify when your facility is at its busiest or when it’s deserted (hint, this is a great opportunity to add programming and bring in valuable revenue and patron usage at your facility). Sifting through paper patron count logs can’t help you learn from the past. Digital records allow you to look back in time to learn from history to know what’s coming ahead, predict when to add or reduce staff and programs.

Power users rejoice!

You can effortlessly export all of your patron count data into Excel from DigiQuatics! This allows you to run additional analysis of trends and usage, cross-compare with other relevant data such as daily revenue, total patrons in the facility, etc. Give your managers and supervisors the full story about how your pool and each department in your recreation center operate. You can even export logs for local storage or print to hard copy reports as well!

Got records?

Do your aquatics staff have access to a mobile phone, tablet, or workstation computer at all times? If not, don’t worry about it! Staff can easily enter patron counts for an entire day into DigiQuatics at once. Have old records and historical data? Simply use this feature to enter everything into DigiQuatics so you can start taking control of your data and leverage it to make your facility more successful.

The future is coming

Do you want to leverage the power of prediction and modern technology? The team at DigiQuatics is working hard to bring you predictive services for patron counts so you can estimate how busy you will be next season, how many staff you may need, etc. We’re even pulling in local weather data so you can even predict how busy your pool will be based on historical comparisons of past patron counts with the current weather! Pretty sweet, huh?!

3,021,527 patron counts logged!

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