Patron Counts

Patron Attendance Logs and Analytics

assignment_ind Patron Counts

Track patron usage for your facility. Setup custom "areas" specific to your facility such as Hot Tub, Water Aerobics, Lap Swimming, etc... Keep records of the exact time patrons use each area. Our analytics platform will give you actionable insights on your patron counts. Select custom date ranges and visualize patron counts by hour, day, week, month, etc.

Patron Counts Analytics in DigiQuatics
Patron Counts Form (Mobile Device) in DigiQuatics

  • -Track patron attendance counts via any device
  • -Robust analytics and visualizations of your data
  • -Setup any number of custom "areas" for your facility
  • -Easily communicate patron facility usage to your supervisor
  • -Identify busy and quiet times at your facility
  • -Backup logs of all patron attendance usage

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