Custom Checklists

Reduce liability at your pool

Documentation is everything

When something goes horribly wrong at your facility, documentation is key to ensuring you and your staff have done everything they could to prevent an accident. Don’t get caught with disorganized and incomplete documentation around your facilities.

"Not only does this save time out of my busy day, but it also streamlines every task needed!"

Make sure everything gets done

Remotely track task progress

Every task is timestamped and digitally signed by the staff member that completed it, so you can know exactly when something was completed and by whom, right from the palm of your hand. Simply check in on checklist progress throughout the day to make sure everything gets done around your facility.

Simple team collaboration

When staff members tackle individual tasks on their own, they just check off the items they completed and only those are time-stamped and signed. Other staff can simultaneously work on the same checklist and complete their own tasks. This ensures every task gets done and the staff member is held accountable to finishing the job.

Easily document your policies and procedures

With unlimited and completely customizable checklists, you can take your daily operations digital seamlessly. You can even use checklists for anything you’d like including bathroom walkthroughs, sunscreen logs, and more! The possibilities are endless. If it can be “checked off” it can be built in a DigiQuatics checklist!

Easily Replicate Commonly Used Aquatics & Facility Checklists

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"It's very smart software... Easy to access and simple to update as a supervisor."