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"Before DigiQuatics, we would manage our staff schedule by using Excel and we would do our checklists using paper. We noticed our paper checklists would only be checked off maybe once or twice a week, staff were not completing the checklists. Our schedule would also take a week to two weeks before we could even get it out, so it was very time consuming. With DigiQuatics we have noticed an increase in our checklists being completed, many at 100%. And our scheduling is a lot easier and we have cutdown our time alot."

Kyle Leroux, Manager of Aquatic Maintenance
YMCA of San Diego County, CA

Saving time of Scheduling, tracking Checklists, and making Maintenance a breeze

Looking to save time scheduling, track the tasks being completed on facility checklists, and being in the loop on maintenance requests, DigiQuatics helps YMCA of San Diego County run smoother than ever.

Instant Notifications

"Staff can go in whenever there is a maintenance issue and put it into DigiQuatics. Then they can rate it depnding on if it's low, medium, or a high urgency. I can go in to DigiQuatics as an manager and I can set parameters as to what I want to get a text or email notification for. I can see what is going on immediately, and decide if I need to go in and fix it or if I can take care of it the next day,", explains Kyle.

DigiQuatics helps supervisors like Kyle be kept in the loop at their facilities (often many of them) in real-time.

"My favorite thing about DigiQuatics is I can be away from work and have somebody call me up with an issue at the pool or our chemicals and instead of me having them take the chems or take pictures of the issue, I can just pull up DigiQuatics, look at what the chemicals are, do the calculations, figure out the answer, pick up the chems and take care of that situation."

Saving time is one of the key elements in DigiQuatics. You always know what is going on, can troubleshoot it, and take care of it quickly. Gone are the days of needing to call 5 staff members, sift through paper logs, and waste time on the process of getting what you need to know.

Using Data to Make a Difference

"We were able to see which body of water patrons were at, click on it, and track how many patrons were using it. We are excited to see what our trends look like regarding how many patrons are using open swim vs. lap swim, etc."

Patron counts makes it simple for organizations to track pool usage. Anywhere from your entire facility down to lap lane #3 during open swim can be tracked.

About YMCA of San Diego County

The YMCA of San Diego County is a branch of the YMCA located all around San Diego, California. They have sixteen year-round facilities, thirty-four bodies of water, and three slides. DigiQuatics helps them manage their operation with ease across their large organization.

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