Use only the modules your operation needs.

event Staff Scheduling

Easily schedule your pool staff around their time off requests and availabilities. Always know exactly how many hours they are scheduled per week. Quickly approve shift trades and always have an up-to-date schedule.

access_time Time Clock

Fast and simple time clock for employees time-keeping. Quickly switch positions between shifts. Automatically round clock in / out times and export data for easy import to payroll.

format_color_fill Chemical Records

Always know your pool chemistry. Get Email and Text alerts when any chemical level is out of range. Robust analytics help keep pool chemistry balanced over time.

done_all Custom Checklists

Create custom checklists, store your checklists online, and track who has completed tasks and their progress in real-time.

assignment Shift Reports

Staff can submit reports to their supervisors from anywhere. Upload and attach photos or files uploads to quickly pass along reports to management.

assignment_ind Patron Counts

Track when and where patrons use each zone of your facility. Our built-in analytics platform will identify trends easily so you can optimize facility usage and programming.

build Maintenance Tracking

Communicate easily with your staff about maintenance issues around the facility to get them addressed promptly.

airline_seat_recline_extra Slide Inspections

Handle daily slide inspections via DigiQuatics. Stay in compliance with State-mandated safety regulations and improve risk management.

pool Private Lessons

Easily direct your patrons to submit private swim lesson requests from the DigiQuatics portal to quickly pair with available instructors.

pool Group Lessons

Keep track of your group lesson classes, instructors, and report cards all in one place. Simply create your levels and skills and you're ready to add students and assign instructors. Track the progress of your students and email report cards with the click of a button! Coming Spring 2018!

supervisor_account Employee Management

Employees have a unique username and password so THEY can keep their information up-to date and remove the burden from you as the supervisor. Now all your aquatics staff information is in one place.

message Messaging

Easily send text and email messages to all your employees. You can message individual employees, groups of employees such as "Lifeguards" or even all employees at specific locations. Our logging feature also keeps a history of all messages sent as well.

subtitles Certifications

Know exactly when your staff certifications expire. Upload PDFs of their certification cards so you can have easy access to them. Email notifications for upcoming certifications expirations. Improved risk management.

content_paste Model Aquatic Health Code

Keep your facility safe and up to code with the DigiQuatics Model Aquatic Health Code Aquatic Facility Inspection Report module. Ensure your facility is 100% compliant. Coming in 2018!

cloud DigiStorage

The easiest way to store all the files and documents your staff need access to in one place. Put things like your employee handbook, aquatics incident / accident reports, lesson plans, and safety data sheets where they are one click away! It's like DropBox, but for your aquatics operation.