Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-Day Free Trial work?

After sending a request for your 30-Day Free Trial, all you have to do is import your current employee contact list and create your locations and pools to to get started. If helpful, we can assist in setting up your account so you can hit the ground running with minimal setup time. We can help setup your account and personally demonstrate the platform to you and your team in a virtual training session.

How do I easily import my employee information?

Simply email us your contact list of employees to [email protected] and within 1 business day we will have your account up and running. There’s no need to set up employee profiles one-by-one.

What if my budget is finalized already?

We understand how recreation and aquatics budgets work. We will work directly with you and your organization to implement DigiQuatics on your timeline and within your budget.

Are there any contracts or obligations?

Nope! DigiQuatics is offered as a monthly subscription service. You can pay month-to-month or on any billing cycle that best fits your organization's budgetary needs. We work with any service agreements your organization may have, too.

What are the payment options?

We send your accounts payable department an invoice and receive payment via check, credit/debit card (3% fee), or electronic funds transfer.

Can I add additional employees to my account?

Absolutely! If you need to add additional employees to your core subscription, simply email us at [email protected] and we can get you all set up.

How safe is my data and where is it stored?

The DigiQuatics database is encrypted and backed up every morning. The database is stored and backed up on three different servers in different geographic locations across the United States to ensure your data stays protected.

What web browsers work best?

We recommend Google Chrome, but Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, and Safari work just great, too! Any web browser on your favorite mobile device supports DigiQuatics as well.

Do you have a mobile app for iOS or Android?

Not yet, however our website is designed to be completely mobile-friendly. Pro tip: You can add the DigiQuatics App icon to your home screen and open it just like an app! Just follow these instructions

What training and support do you offer?

We want you and your employees to hit the ground running and succeed using DigiQuatics. Visit our Getting Started page to start learning!

Does my health department accept electronic records?

All health departments inspecting our current customer’s facilities have been satisfied with electronic records. They even mentioned that DigiQuatics has helped our customers retain the most complete and organized pool chemical records they have ever seen as health inspectors.

What if I don’t need all of the features?

That’s okay, you get access to all features and benefits of DigiQuatics during your 30-Day Free Trial. After that, contact us at [email protected] for a custom quote to match your organization’s specific needs.

How can I retrieve my data?

We understand your data is important to you. Feel free to export and backup your data from our app at any time. Nearly all modules in DigiQuatics offer the ability to export your data in various formats. Most exports are excel and pdf format.

How much data does DigiQuatics use?

The average employee using DigiQuatics uses 8MB of data per month. This includes both cellular and Wi-Fi access. Note: This is an estimate based on current customer usage, actual data usage may vary.

Can I access DigiQuatics during the off-season?

Yes, we leave your DigiQuatics account active all year long. Anytime you need access to your data it’s there for you.

What are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

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