Private Swimming Lessons

Online Swimming Lessons Portal and Instructor Management

The private lessons portal easily allows patrons to request lessons - no account required

DigiQuatics Private Lessons module allows you to set up a public page for patrons of your community to easily request private lessons via a simple to use online form. You can even customize the form with your organization’s logo, add additional information for members in your community, as well as your own skill levels and packages. Best of all, no account is required so lessons can be requested quickly and paired with an instructor.

"Digiquatics has really helped streamline our private lessons! We also have had a more “private lesson” requests come in as we now post private lessons online via the portal. We are really impressed with DigiQuatics and their responsiveness to our needs. Thank you Digiquatics for a great program and customer service!"

Customize to your needs

You can also easily add any swimming lessons levels and packages that your organization uses for private lessons requests. This allows parents and adults to requests lessons that match your swim program and to seamlessly handle payments with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system

DigiQuatics works with any swimming lessons program, such as:

Private Swimming Lessons Management

With DigiQuatics Private Lessons, you have full control of your lessons program. Once private lessons are requested by patrons, instructors can claim lessons from the queue, or a manager can assign instructors to a lesson. From there, the instructor can track agreed meeting times and other notes about the lesson participants and sessions. Once archived, instructors and managers have access to historical data for analytics and record-keeping.

Seamlessly transition from your current workflow

You can take all those Excel spreadsheets, private swimming lesson sign-up sheets, sticky notes, etc., and mass-import them into DigiQuatics! Once and for all you can digitize your private swimming lessons process seamlessly from your current workflow. DigiQuatics even makes it easy to export your private swimming lessons records so you can run custom calculations and analysis of your swim programs.

The future ahead

Future updates to the private lessons feature include: dynamic fields so you can further customize your request form for patrons, ability to set form colors and page title, staff scheduling integration with private lesson classes, and the ability to customize the email and text messages to patrons when they sign up.

Over 17,804 swimming lessons requested!

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