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Patron Private Lesson Request Portal, Assign Staff Private Lessons, and More.

pool Private Swimming Lessons

Managing your private swimming lessons through DigiQuatics is easy. Parents and patrons can request private swimming lessons online via our portal with no login or account required. Instructors claim private lessons on the go via our mobile web app, or you can assign them lessons via our web app. Imagine managing your entire private swim lesson process online. From start to finish know when the private lesson is, who is teaching it, and have access to all the lesson details in one place.

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  • -Online portal for parents and patrons to submit private lesson requests
  • -No account/login required for parents and patrons to request a swimming lesson
  • -Access via mobile or desktop
  • -Instructors can claim private swimming lessons anywhere / anytime
  • -Manage private swimming lessons from start to finish on the go or from your desk
  • -Customizable private swimming lesson skills and packages
  • -Reduce the number of calls from parents and patrons
  • -Eco friendly: No more private swimming lesson forms

3,685 private lessons and counting.

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