Our Story

It all started with a lost shift report...

“There’s just too much paper.”

That’s what pool managers, Josh Duffy and Michael Pierce were thinking.

It was stacked everywhere. In filing cabinets. In boxes against walls. In drawers at the front desk.

And there were schedules taped on the walls in break rooms, sticky notes, emails asking for shift changes, text messages, and on and on.

And it made it impossible to quickly find the records they needed.

Stacks of paper. Wasted hours. Lost records.

If you’ve ever worked in an aquatics facility, chances are you’re nodding your head right now.

But worse than the stacks of paper, are hundreds of wasted hours trying to track down chemical reports, maintenance checklists, bather counts, and old shift records.

To Josh and Michael, it felt like they were managing paper, not their pools.

There had to be a better way. Then inspiration hit...

Manage your pool, not paper.

Josh and Michael teamed up to create an all-in-one solution to the challenges of managing a pool.

After consulting with dozens of Aquatics Supervisors and Recreation Directors, they asked about the biggest headaches and problems facing pool managers.

Stuff like staff scheduling. Maintenance logs. Employee certifications. It was a long list.

Then they created an easy-to-use application that fixes it all.

The result? DigiQuatics.

Today, more than 94,925 Pool Managers, Aquatics Supervisors, Recreation Directors and aquatics employees (at pools of all sizes) use DigiQuatics to manage their pools, instead of paper.

DigiQuatics does the work of 17 different apps and processes.

DigiQuatics replaces 17 different applications and processes, so you can stop paying for hard-to-use software and throw away all those stacks of water-logged paper.

Rather than spending a dozens of hours a week managing work schedules and maintenance reports, chemical records and inspection checklists, these smart Aquatics Managers spend time with employees and customers where they can make a real difference.

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If you manage too much paper...

If you spend hours piecing together employee works schedules…

If you’ve ever struggled to find a maintenance or chemical report…

If you need an intuitive way to track everything from bather loads and swim lessons to employee records and lifeguard certifications…

Then it’s time to try DigiQuatics.

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About Josh and Michael

DigiQuatics founders, Josh Duffy and Michael Pierce met as lifeguards at the age of 15. Both were energetic and inventive and were quickly promoted to management positions. Michael spent time as a Water Safety Instructor, Swim Team Coach, Pool Manager, and Certified Pool Operator at country clubs, private clubs and Universities. Josh also worked as a Water Safety Instructor and Assistant Pool Manager at several facilities. Combined, they have more than 12 years of experience in the aquatics industry.

Josh and Michael joined forces in 2012, to create the industry’s most comprehensive management tool—DigiQuatics. Try it risk-free for 30 days, and you’ll see why more than 94,925 aquatics professionals use it to manage their pools.

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