Household and Member Management

Simple and lightweight household and member management for small facilities

Basic tracking done right

With DigiQuatics Household and Member Management tracking your patrons is easy. We support all basics fields such as first name, last name, role in household, membership expiration, photos, and more! Finally one place to store all your membership information and a way to put Google Sheets and Excel documents to rest. Even if you don’t have a small operation, DigiQuatics Member Management makes it easy to run a Group Lessons swimming program on-top of this feature in conjunction with our Group Lessons Module.

"Digiquatics is the best cloud base application to make your pools and your entire aquatics department run better, fast, and more efficient. I promise you will save hours in staff cost and paper!"

Importing existing data is quick and easy

Paying and arm and a leg for a member management tool for your country club, swim club, or private club. No more. With DigiQuatics Member and Household management you can finally ditch those enterprise options and provide basic member management at a low cost. We even import from exported data from Active, RecTrac and other providers.

Your data at your disposal

Export your household and membership data at any time. We believe in 100% customer owned data so feel free to export your data whenever you need.

The future is near

DigiQuatics has future upgrades planned for member and household management so you can track membership attendance / usage, easily generate barcodes to print and create membership card with, and more!

62,109 members added!

Try it Out

"The staff at DigiQuatics are amazing. They work hard to make sure the program fits your pools needs. They follow-up and make appropriate changes to the program when problems arise. They have made time to talk to me directly to answer questions that I have and go through the program to help me understand certain functions better. The customer service and programs have helped reduce the time it takes to schedule, decreased staff no shows, and increased the ability to communicate with all employees quickly and efficiently.."