Chemical Records

Digital Logs with alerts, recommendations, and more!

Stop Worrying About Your Pool Chemistry

The days of worrying about your pool chemical levels are over! Oh yeah, and losing your log book? Thing of the past when you use our app... DigiQuatics helps you stay in compliance with health department regulations, lets you know when these go awry, and gives smart recommendations to fix any pool chemistry issues when they happen.

"With the assistance of just an iPad, ​DigiQuatics has enabled our on-site pool managers to effortlessly record and track chemical readings... DigiQuatics is easy to use and understand. Reducing our use of paper has been an added benefit."

Simple Data Entry

You can quickly enter numbers and switch between fields on any phone, tablet, or computer. Entering chemical logs for multiple pools is a breeze and we’ll immediately let the employee and supervisor know when something is wrong in real-time.

Customizable Chemical Forms

Free chlorine, pH, and all the standard log fields are pre-loaded into DigiQuatics, but every pool and state/country regulations are different. Add your own custom fields to track additional fields filter pressures, chemical inventory, and more so you always have everything documented for your inspector. You can even import and edit pool information in bulk to start tracking in a matter of minutes...

Stay in Health Department Compliance

Never be nervous about your next health department inspection again. Health department inspectors love DigiQuatics powered facilities and say they have the most complete and accurate logs ever (compared to their paper-based counterparts). Our tools even help you stay within MAHC guidelines.

"DigiQuatics pools have the most complete and accurate pool logs we’ve ever seen! This is the future of chemical record tracking and makes our job that much easier."

--Health Department Inspector

Access & Export Chemical Records

Your health department inspector is going to love you when they see your chemical records! Every inspector has said how complete and accurate the logs they inspect are based on the accountability DigiQuatics creates with staff to get it done right and on time. You can export logs for local storage or print to hard copy at any time as well...

Automatic Audit Logs

Never worry about the accuracy of your pool logs again! With audit logs automatically tracked and stored, you’ll know at exactly what time your chemical records were submitted, by whom, and what edits were made to the logs over time if any mistakes were corrected.

Get Notified About Problems

With DigiQuatics Chemical Records, you’re always in the loop on your pool chemistry. Customize your own ranges for each pool so you only get alerted when you need to know what’s going on.

Email & Text Alerts

Get an instant alert sent directly to your phone via email and / or text when anything goes out of range. You’ll know if the facility needs to be closed and have the information in the palm of your hand to start correcting the issue and get your facility back up and running in no time!

In-App Warnings

Have you ever had an employee not close the pool when they should have? DigiQuatics automatically alerts the employee and supervisor when a chemical level is outside of ranges per CPO guidelines so they can take appropriate action immediately and even leave notes to document what was done.

Simple Water Chemistry Balancing

Balancing swimming pool chemistry doesn’t have to be hard. Simply enter your pool volume, chemicals used, and when outside of ideal ranges, DigiQuatics tells you incrementally what needs to be done to balance your water.

Automatic Saturation Index Calculations

DigiQuatics calculates and stores the Saturation Index every time a log is submitted. No more cheat sheets, references cards, or calculator apps. It even classifies the severity and lets you know exactly what needs to be done to fix it.

Trending & Analytics

On paper, logs can’t help you learn from the past. Digital records allow you to look back in time to learn from history to know what’s coming ahead, balance your water more efficiently, and prevent facility closures.

"DigiQuatics has really helped streamline our employee schedules, maintenance requests, private lessons and pool chemical reporting. We now have staff on top of their schedules, issues around the facility resolved in a timely manner, and chemicals can now be supervised easily with almost 100% compliance... We are really impressed with this company and their responsiveness to our needs. Thanks DigiQuatics for a great program and customer service!"

The Future of Pool Logs

It’s time to stop reacting to issues and start knowing about them before they happen! DigiQuatics chemical records allows you to look forward and anticipate what’s going to happen to your pool chemistry, not reacting to text messages and calls from staff when things have already gone south.

3,352,347 chemical records logs stored

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