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"I pull up DigiQuatics every day, it’s the second tab I open... I love being able to check who is working for the day and the latest chemical records logs.."

Kathy Lind, Aquatics Supervisor
Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District, Frederick, CO

One Place for Everything

In an effort to organize and streamline a busy operation, Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District wanted a solution to simplify all the paperwork, Excel schedules, and time consuming busy-work in their aquatics department.

Life Before DigiQuatics

Before using DigiQuatics, Kathy Lind, Aquatics Supervisor at Carbon Valley stated “Communication with the staff was a challenge because staff does not open emails. They were not seeing emails about the staff schedule.” Krista Bozlinski, Aquatics Specialist, mentioned “Private lesson requests and tracking was all done in an Excel document. The data entry was on the pool manager, not the patron.” Both Kathy and Krista went on to describe the sub request (shift trade) process before DigiQuatics as “Employees trying to get shifts covered was a pain because it was via a form that was sitting on the bulletin board at the rec center, so other staff members wouldn’t even know about it sometimes.”

Communication Communication Communication

Text messaging is king for employees under the age of 25. Kathy notes, “having the option of sending text messages with DigiQuatics is really helpful because staff don’t check their emails.” DigiQuatics has helped Carbon Valley streamline their aquatics operation and bridge the communication gap between staff and supervisors. Another benefit to using DigiQuatics has been the ability for Carbon Valley to manage everything from anywhere. Kathy describes, “being able to know what the pool chemicals are without having to be at the rec center physically is really nice!” Now that all the chemical records are accessible from anywhere, if staff calls and says there is a problem, she can easily figure out what is going on. Kathy and Krista also mentioned that DigiQuatics is nice for shy staff members that need help getting their shifts taken. Instead of having to call up every staff member on the phone they can simply do so with the click of a button. They also stated, “having the employees take responsibility for their shifts is huge! By having time off requests and sub requests in DigiQuatics it has given employees an option they wouldn’t have had before. Before DigiQuatics they were more restricted with communication and networking around their shifts.”

Best of Both Worlds

Since staff members already have cell phones it makes sense for them to leverage that mobile technology to benefit the aquatics department, streamline staff communications, and improve risk management. Kathy comments, “we know they use their phones all the time anyway, now we just have them use their phones for DigiQuatics as well.”

What Really Matters

When discussing what really matters, Kathy had mentioned her two primary goals as an aquatics supervisor are 1) Teaching the youth of America the proper way to work and the importance of a strong work ethic which will set the standard for the rest of their work life and 2) Provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages in the community. Aquatics is an activity you can enjoy from infant to senior. Swimming provides something fun for people of all ages. DigiQuatics has freed up time which now allows the department to focus on staff training and a great patron experience.

About Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District is located in Frederick, CO. They operate one indoor year-round facility that includes a lap pool, activity pool, body slide, and hot tub. Carbon Valley uses DigiQuatics to streamline their operations and assist in providing a safe and fun experience to members of all ages in their community.

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District

A Special Note

When the DigiQuatics Team thinks of Carbon Valley, we feel so grateful. Carbon Valley was the first organization to officially implement DigiQuatics. We’d like to publicly say, “Thank you” for partnering with us and helping design DigiQuatics to where it is today!

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