Finally one central place for all of your files and documents

Completing the cycle

With DigiStorage, you can upload all of your documents and files to one central place for staff. The days of sending Google Drive or Dropbox links are over! Finally, staff can have one unified platform for everything they need to do their jobs. All common file types are supported, so you can upload employee handbooks, PDF forms, safety data sheets, lesson plans, and more to DigiStorage for instant access from anywhere!

"Digiquatics is the best cloud-based web application that makes your pools and your entire aquatics department run better, faster, and more efficient! I promise you will save hours in staff cost and paper!"

Control access effortlessly

Prevent specific files and documents from being accessed by employees or staff at other locations in your organization.

Share with ease

Get the right files to the right staff at the right time. Downloading and accessing files is super easy with DigiStorage. A great use-case of this would be uploading your swimming lesson plan PDFs to DigiStorage so all of your swimming instructors can reference them in DigiQuatics to prepare for their swim lesson classes...

Commonly used aquatic center and facility forms:

1,096 files shared with DigiStorage!

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"DigiQuatics is a great program especially for aquatics working with the younger generations. Who are mostly online using websites to communicate."