Group Swimming Lessons

Lessons, Instructors, Report Cards Managed All In One Place.

pool Group Swimming Lessons

Managing your group swimming lessons through DigiQuatics is easy! No matter what lesson provider you use, or if you have developed your own program, simply customize your lesson levels and skills. Next, you're ready to assign your instructors to classes so they can keep track of student attendance and progress. After the session, instructors can email report cards to parents with the click of a button. Easy as that!

  • -Built-in household and member management platform
  • -Easy household and member import from RecTrac and other popular registration platforms
  • -Access via mobile or desktop
  • -Instructors can track student progress and class attendance
  • -Emailed PDF report cards to parents
  • -Customizable group swimming lesson levels and associated skills
  • -Simple tracking from one season to the next
  • -Eliminate previous lesson confusion
  • -No more wet paper report cards, attendance sheets, and paperwork

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