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Individual Employee Profiles and Logins. Always Up-To-Date Information.

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Manage your lifeguards, swimming instructors, swimming pool managers and aquatics staff with DigiQuatics. Finally, there's an online solution to keep track of employee information and certifications. Employees have their own username and password so THEY can ensure all their information is up-to-date and. This takes the burden off of you as a supervisor and puts responsability back onto them. They can even setup e-mail and text message (SMS) alerts for sub requests, time off requests and much more.

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  • -Individual profiles for all of your lifeguards, instructors, pool managers and other staff
  • -Email and text message (SMS) notifications
  • -Ability to control which features employees have access to
  • -Use mobile technology your employees are familiar with
  • -Enforce security around what data your staff has access to
  • -Always up-to-date employee information
  • -Staff can update their own info, no more keeping spreadsheets of employee data

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