Employee Management

Your staff. Your way.

Track key employee fields

With DigiQuatics Employee Management you can track key fields for your staff effortlessly. From address and date of birth, to emergency contacts, to sizing information, you can track it all with DigiQuatics without breaking a sweat.

"Digiquatics has helped us manage our employees' schedules, certifications, work permits and contact information all in one database. We also have the ability to see the chemical checks, secondary duties and bather load all in once place!"

Access controls done right

Handling a large staff? Or a small staff that requests subs or has time off for school? With DigiQuatics you can simply add the locations and positions each staff member has access to, which ones they need “secondary” access to for shift trades and more, all from one easy interface. DigiQuatics can even help you manage the top priority locations and positions an employee has access to some everything has a “preference.” DigiQuatics also allows supervisors to control which modules staff have access to, such as chemical records, lesson requests, and more!

Attachments. We got you.

Attach keys files to staff profiles so you can stay on top of school schedules, letters of recommendation, and more.

Track supervisor notes and files

Enter notes about employees for private viewing only amongst other supervisors regarding write-ups, interactions, and other key private information so you always know who a staff member truly is. You can even upload documents to their profile for management’s eyes only.

Summer only. No problem.

DigiQuatics was designed from the group up for two things, 1) summer only operations and 2) enterprise operations. Easily activate or deactivate seasonal staff, remove staff that are no longer going to return or got let go, and easily handle mass-scale importing and exporting of your staff records.

Get ready for the ultimate database for employee management.

The next big update to DigiQuatics employee management includes having 100% customizable fields for staff records so each organization can custom tailor a the information THEY require for managing their staff.

94,925 employees managed!

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"Makes my life as an aquatic director easy - I know whats going on with my pool with staffing, chems, maintenance, staff comments, employee phone lists, certifications and the schedule! It's amazing!"