Tablet Program

Lease tablets through DigiQuatics

Wi-Fi Only

Best for
Aquatics operations with access to Wi-Fi
  • Android Tablet
  • Wi-Fi Only
  • Durable Case
  • DigiQuatics Pre-Loaded
  • Unlimited Data via Wi-Fi
  • Free Tech Support

Wi-Fi + Cellular

Best for
Aquatics operations with outdoor or locations without Wi-Fi
  • Android Tablet
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • Durable Case
  • DigiQuatics Pre-Loaded
  • 1GB Prepaid Data Plan
  • Free Tech Support

Top questions about tablets

How much data is included on the tablets with cellular data?

1GB plans will be offered along with the Wi-Fi + cellular tablets via Straight Talk Wireless.

How much data does DigiQuatics use?

DigiQuatics uses less than 20MB per month for facilities that don't heavily utilize the photo upload features for maintenance issues and certifications modules. For facilities that do heavily use photo uploading, usage around 100-200MB is expected.

What if I want to purchase more data?

In the event of additional data being needed, we can upgrade your data plan at an additional charge.

Who owns the tablets?

The tablets are owned and "rented" via DigiQuatics. This resolves your organization from the liability of the tablets and removed any complications around capital expenditures within your organization.

What if the tablet is stolen, lost or broken?

If a tablet is stolen, lost, or broken you can replace the tablet for a fee determined by the cost of the particular tablet and how many months it has been in use.

Does my IT department need to be involved?

No, DigiQuatics will handle all setup of the tablets and ongoing tech support. You do not need to involve your IT department.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the tablet leasing program or to get a quote please contact us at [email protected]