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Lesson Request

Private Swimming Lesson Policies and Procedures

Registration, Scheduling and Payment Steps

1.) Parent of each child/children submits a Private Swim Lesson Request Form in DigiQuatics via the following link:

a. This form is only required the first time customers request lessons or after a long break from lessons to be connected to a new instructor.

b. A unique request is required for each family if requesting a semi-private lesson.

c. The family will receive a general text message to confirm their request was received.

d. If a request sits for a week without an instructor claiming it, Meghan Hershey will contact Private Competitive Requests and Ali Murray will contact Regular Private Lesson requests to let the parents know Avon Rec does not have an instructor available for their request and will direct them to group swim lesson offerings.

e. New pricing will go into effect May 1. See options below for new pricing.

2.) Swim Instructors can claim the request in DigiQuatics

3.) Swim Instructors contact the Parent(s) directly and schedule 3 lessons.

a. Regular Private Swim Lessons are 30 minutes, Competitive Private Lessons are 60 minutes.

b. Semi-Private lessons are limited to two families.

c. Lap lanes should only be used for private lessons for children that are age/skill appropriate (Level 3 and up). Private lessons are not permitted to be taught in a lap lane between 4-7:30pm on weekdays (whenever swim team is already using 4 lanes).

Avon Recreation Department strives to maintain one open lap lane for public use as much as possible. Instructors can coordinate with Meghan Hershey if interested in conducting lessons in the lap lanes to ensure no overlap with busy swim team practices.

d. Instructors may use other scheduling methods directly with the customers after the request is submitted in DigiQuatics.

e. Swim lesson fees cover swim lessons only. To utilize the facility/pool before or after lessons, customers will need to pay the daily admission fee or check in at the front desk with their punch card or membership pass.

f. Customers may only purchase a Multipass after scheduling lessons with an instructor.

4.) The Swim Instructor will be paid 75% of the revenue upon the sale of the multipass

5.) Once all 3 lessons are fulfilled, the family may schedule another 3 lessons and purchase another 3 punch Multipass at the Avon Recreation front desk.

a. Customers need to check in with the Guest Services Representative at the front desk, not scan with their membership card on their phone. The Guest Services Rep will punch them in.

b. Multipasses will expire after 1 year, even if the lessons are not fulfilled.

c. If the instructor is not going to continue past the first three lessons, they can unclaim the request in DigiQuatics, making it available to other instructors. Instructors should inform the appropriate supervisor if you are unclaiming a request so the family can be contacted if there is not an available instructor.

New Private Swim Lesson Pricing Structure starting May 1, 2022

Class Procedures For children age 8 and under, a parent/guardian must be present on the pool deck during the scheduled swim lesson. A parent/guardian is not permitted in the water with their child during lessons, except for a parent/child lesson (ages 60 months to 3 years). To limit distractions and interruptions, please refrain from interfering with swim lessons.

Restrooms Children should use the restroom before the start of their lesson. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper. Swim instructors and other aquatics staff are not permitted to take children to the restroom. A parent/guardian must be available in the event a child needs to use the restroom during class. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the Front Desk.

Food Food is not permitted on the pool deck at the Avon Recreation Center.

Cancelations/Refunds Customers must cancel or reschedule directly with their assigned instructor giving them at least one day notice to be eligible for a refund. There is a $5 processing fee for refunds, or a household credit can be issued without a fee. All refunds are made at discretion of the Aquatics Superintendent.

In the event the Avon Recreation Center Aquatics Staff must cancel or reassign a swim lesson, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up lesson or customers will be issued a household credit. Instructors will attempt to call all participants if a cancellation or change needs to be made.

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